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Jun 13, 2020 Jim Cornette Reveals His Original Idea For Kane's WWE 2 days ago · "The final research is when Kane appears because right when it looks like the Undertaker is going to win the title, the referee is wiped out, the music hits and here comes Kane the first time we Kane reveals pressure of being The Undertaker's brother on Kane Reveals Pressure Of Being The Undertaker's Brother On WWE WWE: Kane recently appeared on a podcast where he revealed that his debut storyline with The Undertaker …

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The Undertaker (WWE Video Games) | Heroes Wiki | Fandom The Undertaker sometimes called Taker and referred as Undertaker is the titular protagonist and anti-hero from WWE Video Games series, he is the half-brother of Kane and an friend of Paul Bearer, he is also an arch-rival of Brock Lesnar. He makes his first appearence in Gameboy as an playable character.

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The Undertaker and Demon Kane reemerge to unleash hell Nov 10, 2015 Kane burns The Undertaker: Royal Rumble 1998 - YouTube Nov 03, 2013 Is It True That There Were Two Undertakers? Feb 08, 2019 Are Kane and Undertaker real brothers? - Quora