But when the ethernet cable is unplugged the LAN shows network cable unplugged and the wireless shows connected but the internet stops working. I suggest that you DISABLE the Local Area

"Local Area Connection - network cable unplugged Dec 31, 2008 Network Cable Unplugged issue - Linksys Community The laptop can connect to the wireless network successfully but cannot access the internet. The Local Area Network states "network cable unplugged" The router is set to WPA personal security. It has always worked previously until approximately a week ago. I've tried resetting the router and running it with no security but no success. Wifi not connecting without Ethernet cable - Windows 10 Apr 18, 2019

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Then you want the Gateway IP, domestic ones are usually, bigger organisations use the network or even intermediate sized IP addresses: -- The internet beacon is the next one goes to infinity and beyond

Step 6: Your Wireless Network Connection should say "Connected" or "Not connected". If is says "Disabled" right click and select "Enable". (It is OK to see the Local Area Connection "Network cable unplugged" because you are not using the wired network connection). Step 7: Double click on your "Wireless Network Connection". A list of available How to Disable or Enable Network Adapter in Windows 7 Example 2: If you need to connect your computer to network with wired connection later, come back to this network adapter window, right click your wired network adapter (Local Area Connection) again and click on Enable to enable it. You might also notice that Disabled wording is … Internet Connection Wireless network connection .Normal Jul 03, 2010 Network cable unpluged - Local area Connection is now Dec 13, 2009