Chromecast option is not showing on my phone or Quest headset. I have Chromecast 3.0 and the headset, phone, and Chromecast are all on the same wifi. Bluetooth is on on my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy s10e. I also tried a Galaxy s7. I can cast from the headset to the phone fine, but with no sound.

Chromecast won't cast to my TV? Hi - I have just set up my Chromecast for the first time and it will not stream any video or sound to my TV. I have tried casting videos from youtube and BBC iplayer but with no luck? The OS I am using to cast is an ipad mini version iOS 7.1. The make and model of our router is a BT Homehub 4 and we have BT Google won't let you set up your Chromecast with a PC Google won’t let Chromcast users set up their devices with a PC anymore. Instead, users would have to use the Google Home app (Available on Android-enabled devices and iOS) to set up their devices. A Google Chomecast set up help page now reads: We no longer support Chromecast setup on a computer. My TV isn't detected as a Google Chromecast built-in Jun 30, 2020 I can't get Netflix to work on my Chromecast.

5 Stupid Chromecast Tricks (That Really Aren't Stupid at All)

Feb 05, 2020 Set up the Chromecast to work with Sling TV

My phone, ring doorbell, and Google home all connected fine and seem to be working but my Chromecast ver. 2 will not work. It says "Reconnect me. You are connected to the network but can not access the internet." I tried restarting the modem and Orbi and the Chromecast. I tried factory resetting the Chromecast several times.

Jul 19, 2019 · Try using a different device to set up your Chromecast dongle. Following one or a combination of these steps is most likely to resolve your Chromecast Not Working issue. However, if none of the above seem to work, it is very much possible that your device has a defect and you will have to get it replaced in such a case.